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Germany, 2004

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Images of Muse

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Flash Game

Sam's Notebook

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Plastic Expression

in Daily Life

Halloween - Jack-o'-lantern

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Body Expression

Myself...long time ago...

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Happy Media Machine

My Old Flash Web Page 1
My Old Flash Web Page 2

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vjdrkenta's channel


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Character: Hana

Heroine of "Moonlight Chaser"

update: 2007/01/16

Hana -battle mode

Seeking for "the truth"...

update: 2007/01/16

Character: Poti

Kind of cute pet robot

update: 2007/01/16

Character: Techno Daruma

Meditation with music...

update: 2007/01/16

Character: Natura

A fairy of nature

update: 2007/01/16

Self Introduce

Happy Media Expressionist

Dr.KENTA [Kenta Motomura]

Professor, Iwate University
Art Education, Visual Media Expression
VJ = Visual (Video) Jockey

update: 2010/03/25

Happy Media?

Self Expression for all

Finding yourself
Finding the world around you
Finding happiness of the creation
Sharing the happiness with others

update: 2007/01/16

Diversification of Expression

Visual Expression


Sound Expression

Sound Design

I started as a freelance club VJ in 1999.
My works of flash animation were shown in Germany at media film festivals between 2000 and 2003.
In 2005 I planned "VJ towards media art", and at the end of 2006 realized "planetarium VJ event".
Throughout, I like to create my own music!!!

3DCG: Sophie (virtual woman)

update: 2007/01/16

What is VJ?

Visual Jockey

A VJ works for visual effects in a dance club.

The VJ’s work is interactive and improvisational.

The VJ has an interactive relationship with the place, and reacts to the music, which is produced by a DJ.

The expression form consists of the art elements as light, motion, sound (music), interactivity, and additionally real-time.

This new stream of expression can reach at the field of media art.

update: 2007/01/16

Study of the Bauhaus

Art, Education and Media

Based on the research about the historical Bauhaus, the theoretical and practical studies of art for today have the theme‘art and technology’. Under the theme, possibility of visual media expression, in addition, current art education for the designer and creator are undertaken.

update: 2010/03/25

Study of the Visual Media Expression

New, New Vision!

Like the Bauhaus teachers...

VJ Towards Media Art - A Possibility of Interavtive Visual Expression

NICOGRAPH International

update: 2007/01/16

MySpace Artist

Trance / Techno / Electronica

MySpace - Dr.KENTA

Dr.KENTA Radio

I like to create my own music!!!

update: 2009/09/08

Myself as a Work of Art

Self-Portrait 2007

I like swimming!
Swimmer Ken-chan!

Self-Portrait 2011

update: 2006/12/19

My Graduation Work

Basic Design

Organic Composition (I - V)

update: 2007/01/16

Flash Animation - Music Clip

Moonlight Chaser
Since 2000

Theme: reality? dream???
Taste: happy & cool

2000 2001 prototype 2002 2003 2004

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